"2nd Bridge Engineering Workshop Mexico 2019"

It is a privilege for the Sociedad Mexicana de Ingeniería Sísmica (Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering) to host this second workshop that will serve as the basis for planning and glimpse the creation of technical committees to address technological innovations in design and construction of bridges, in order to guarantee their safety and functionality to contribute to the construction of cutting-edge communication means according to the growth challenges which our country demands.

In the past few years the number of bridges in the national road system has grown, as well as in the main cities of the country. Being exposed to different load conditions, such as: vehicular, soil pressure, earthquake or wind, among others, coupled with a lack of regulation codes for the construction and design of bridges, there is uncertainty about the level of their structural security condition.

In this context, the Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering will host the 2nd. Bridge Engineering Workshop, Mexico 2019, 6 and 7 of June, 2019 at the Puerto Vallarta Hilton Hotel.


We believe that this workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to bring together national and international specialists in bridges engineering to share research results and discuss main and relevant issues that will shape a bridges regulation code in order to improve the practice of design and construction of this type of infrastructure in Mexico.

Keynotes Speakers

Dr. GE Yaojun MSc. Javier Jordán Dr. Khalid Mosalam MSc. Klaus H. Ostenfeld Dr. Roy Imbsen




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