Keynote Lecture

Dr. Khalid Mosalam

“System-Level Hybrid Simulation and Monitoring of Resilient Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges”

Mosalam joined the faculty of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Berkeley in 1997. He currently leads the department’s Structural Engineering, Mechanics & Materials program and is the current chairman of the Pacific Earthquake Engineer Research Center (PEER).

Mosalam was one of the developers of nees@berkeley, a facility for modeling and testing structures to evaluate their response to earthquakes. He served as principal investigator for its operation from 2009 to 2014. He studies the performance of structural systems of concrete, masonry and wood subjected to extreme loads, along with assessing and rehabilitating essential civil infrastructure such as bridges and electrical substations.

His research also covers large-scale computations and physical testing, including hybrid simulation. He is active in research related to energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.