XVI Earthquake Engineering National Symposium

Each country is different, each working group would generate different building codes and implement them differently. It is intended to review and analyze the process of generation, implementation and acceptance of seismic codes in Mexico. The philosophies to be applied can differ greatly; if a code should be restrictive in its application; if involves architects, developers, investors or others; if the revision of the code is wide open, and many more issues. It is intended to exchange ideas and acquired experiences in other countries with seismic threat in order to learn the most important technical forecasts that have been made in the development of their codes, and how they have generated acceptance and collaboration with architects, developers and politicians.




November 19 & 20

Special guests




The most important connection between the researcher and the practice engineer is the construction code, where the state of art is brought together in guidelines for a safe construction of structures based on extensive studies and trials. However, there are other than technical challenges to its acceptance and use. Mexico is in the process of developing a generation of new construction codes and it would be important to learn from the lessons that this process has given in other countries around the world.


Carry out an in-depth analysis of the practice and regulations in different countries threatened by the seismic hazard, in order to understand the current state of our seismic building codes and identify improveable areas. Generate a useful document focused on improving our standards, taking into account the philosophies and practices of other regions of the world.


Two days of activities, this is our detailed program.
  • Day 1

    Nov 19, 2020

  • Dr. Edgar Tapia Hernández Mexican Society for Earthquake Engineering (Moderator)

    Dr. Rodolfo Saragoni Huerta Chilean Association for Earthquake Engineering
    Dr. Helen Ferner New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering
    Dr. David Cocke Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
    Dr. Yoshiaki Nakano Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
    Dr. Paolo Riva Italian Society for Earthquake Engineering

    The presidents of international earthquake associations will discuss the scope and efforts they carry out to improve and contribute to the development of academic issues, research and local practice.

  • Dr. Mario G. Ordaz Schroeder II – UNAM, México

    The evolution of Mexican regulations will be discussed, emphasizing the increase in seismic coefficients, the influence of seismological research on Mexican regulations and the particularities of the country's conditions.

  • M.I. Raúl Jean Perrilliat Jean Ingenieros, México

    Criteria for identification of irregular structures will be discussed as a way to identify deficient structures, despite the fact that the criteria of seismic regulation are considered in their design.

  • Dr. Amador Terán Gilmore UAM - Azc. México

  • M.I. Raúl Jean Perrilliat Jean Ingenieros (Moderator)

    Ms.C. Javier Alonso García Alonso y asociados
    Ms.C. Sebastián Serrano Vega Serrano Ingenieros de Puebla
    Dr. Roberto Stark Feldman Stark + Ortíz

  • Rob Jury Chair of the Technical Group at NZSEE

    Characteristics and procedure of development, application, compliance, charges, insurance and other relevant aspects.

  • Dr. Koichi Kusunoki Tokio University, Japan

    Characteristics and procedure of development, application, compliance, charges, insurance and other relevant aspects.


Highly recognized speakers with extensive experience in seismic engineering.

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